making the seemingly
impossible, possible


in our approach

We understand that every deal is unique, requiring an element of skill, craft, and art. Our first step is always to get to the heart the borrower’s aspirations and the lender’s requirements to construct a deal that works for all involved. To do this requires a brokerage that is willing to think outside the box, be imaginative in how to make it work and create a seamless process that gets a result as quickly as possible.


in structuring

Secondly, we paint a picture of the current circumstances and future goals. A broker is only as good as the extent of their knowledge, experience, and ability to see solutions where others cannot. The team at Sirius are varied and dynamic. This flexibility enables us to use multiple lenders and create bespoke offerings to suit the client’s requirement.


in thinking

Our third step is to agree a strategy of how best to achieve the identified goals. By being known for our strategic approach lenders are willing to listen to the innovative ways that we might structure a deal to make it happen. We are highly tactful in the way we individually approach each situation.

In addition to a dedicated debt advisor each client will experience the efficiencies of our team of case administrators. The support team pride themselves on their meticulous nature and proactively ensure clients are kept updated as well as being on hand to assist with all queries and eventualities. They significantly ease the administration burden for the loan applicant by navigating the minefield of lender requirements. They can complete applications on the borrower’s behalf and using their in depth knowledge of each lender’s unique processes they are able to pre-empt potential issues to ensure all received in a timely manner.


to orchestrating a result that delivers for all parties

Each Sirius debt advisor provides different insights and connections. This allows us to accommodate all type of client requirements, as complex or straightforward as they may be. In this way we are not laid back in our search for finding the best deal for you, we explore numerous avenues and remain relentlessly committed to guiding your application through to completion.


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