Why it has to be Sirius?

Our Values

What distinguishes Sirius over other finance brokers, is our ability to balance the needs of the lender and the borrower. To create a deal that works for everyone is a complex creation. It requires a firm that is strategic in its thinking, transparent in its communication, and highly connected in order to get the deal that wins for everyone.


What separates Sirius from other brokers is that we understand that every deal requires an element of skill, craft and art. We are not selling financial packages off a shelf. Every deal is unique. We get to the heart of understanding the requirements of the borrower and the lender and then we are creative in our structuring to construct a deal that works for all involved. To do this requires a brokerage that is willing to think outside the box, be imaginative in how to make it work and create a seamless process that gets a result as quickly as possible.


A broker is only as good as the extent of his knowledge, experience and ability to see deals where others can’t. The team at Sirius are varied and dynamic. Each provides different insights and connections. This allows us to accommodate all type of client requirements, as complex or straightforward as they may be. In this way we are not laid back in our search for finding the best deal for you, we explore every avenue possible. This flexibility enables us to use multiple lenders and can tailor finance deals or create bespoke offerings to suit what a client requires.

Case study


Our developer client acquired a former NHS building in Suffolk, which had planning permission for a complete demolition and rebuild as student accommodation. The developer had designed a sympathetic proposal that took advantage of all their key local knowledge. They had put together a plan with the local university to enhance the scheme and to increase the number of units to satisfy the growing local demand.

Funding requirement: the developer required a senior debt facility to provide 75% of the total costs of the development scheme being purchase costs, build costs and associated professional and finance costs. The client was prepared to put in the balance of the costs from his own resources to keep the interest rate payable to 7% p.a.

Facility provided: we sourced a senior debt facility to over the 75% of cost requirement and in this instance the client paid a 2% lender entry fee, a 1% lender exit fee and a fixed interest rate of 7% p.a.

Case study


Our client had developed two, high-end houses that were to be retained as long-term investments. They were placed on the market and attracted two tenants that were ready to pay a deposit and sign tenancy agreements.

Funding requirement: the client wanted to maximise the leverage on the properties to allow for further purchases into their portfolio. However, each house was valued at £4,000,000 and they were both on the same legal title, so even with good ASTs the properties were not straightforward ones to place when the client was looking for high gearing.

Facility provided: while the ASTs were strong, the yield was still low given the nature of the properties, therefore a standard high street product was not an option. We found a solution that allowed 75% leverage by using a combination of a fixed rate for 5 years, giving the client peace of mind over the monthly repayments, and ‘top slicing’ from the client’s other income.

Case study


Our client was let down by their existing lender at the last minute after they had committed to fund the purchase of a development site that the clients had been working for nearly three years. They had secured the site by way of an option and had put together a full planning approval, but were in danger of losing close to £500,000 in fees and investments if they were unable to complete on the option purchase.

Funding Requirement: we had been approached with only four days remaining to execute the option agreement, so the clients needed us to deliver an emergency facility to complete the purchase.

Facility Provided: we met with the lender and the valuer on site the day after the enquiry for their due diligence to be accelerated. The facility was provided on competitive terms, but more importantly delivered within the notice to complete period.

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