One of the most important factors for Borrowers to consider when securing the best short-term finance deal is the relationship between the Broker and the Lender, although this is often over-looked in favour of marginally cheaper interest rates.

As with any other sector of business, specialist finance is built on relationships and Borrowers who are able to find the right Broker partner with the most appropriate, established network can present a multitude of benefits.  From enhanced LTVs to exclusive incentives and significant cost savings borne of experience in helping Borrowers to navigate costly potential mistakes before they happen, all are on offer for those willing to spend just a small amount of time on this important initial step.

Reputable Brokers such as Sirius have a combined number of years expertise that no individual can rival.  This makes them an attractive partner for Borrowers and Lenders alike.

If you are considering short-term finance, here are ten reasons why finding the perfect Broker / Lender relationship is well worth your while:

  1. Structuring a loan

There are some reasonably complex products on the market with varying and often stepped rates and differing upfront charges, as well as a myriad of terms and conditions.  The best Brokers will work with the Lender to navigate all of this and structure the right deal for every individual Borrower, maximising the benefits and minimising the risk for all parties.

  1. Borrowers or lending that is outside of criteria

Specialist finance can be an attractive option to Borrowers who don’t meet the lending criteria of commercial banks who so often rely on a simple, binary ‘box ticking exercise.’   The Broker / Lender relationship is invaluable in this situation, with both parties working together to look at the complete profile of the Borrower including the individual’s list of assets and liabilities; ultimately saying ‘yes’ when others say ‘no.’

  1. Borrower experience

If you are new to bridging and development, then the engagement of the right Broker to manage your loan transactions can be a wise investment.  The Broker will pair you with the right Lender to match your experience levels, often resulting in the helpful inclusion of monthly reviews throughout the course of the loan to help keep everything on track.

  1. Senior level intervention

When working with the right Broker you can take comfort in the fact you are dealing with a team of highly skilled individuals.  Should obstacles arise, the strength of the relationship between Broker and Lender is invaluable, meaning the most senior team from both parties is immediately on hand to make quick, autonomous decisions to resolve matters swiftly and professionally for you, the Borrower

  1. Discharge of planning conditions

The best Broker / Lender relationships ensure that the nominated Quantity Surveyors can work efficiently and effectively with both the client and the planning office to make sure all planning conditions are satisfied with zero time-consuming issues.

  1. Registration of title

An Broker / Lender relationship will often also facilitate the Lender’s lawyers initiating and concluding the registration of title; this is one less onerous task off the Borrower’s long list.

  1. Lawyer inexperience

Sadly, there are a great many Borrower’s lawyers who aren’t experienced in bridging and development finance.  The right Broker / Lender relationship benefits Borrowers by providing access to the best, specialist legal expertise, providing guidance to all parties throughout the process.  This often starts with an ‘All Parties Legal Call’ as a case progresses into solicitors’ hands.

  1. Local intelligence

An Broker’s level of knowledge goes far beyond understanding how to structure the best deal.  They have an unrivalled knowledge of the local area.  This is invaluable to the Borrower when trying to arrange deliveries to an awkwardly positioned site or gain access to unpermitted areas.

  1. Access to the right people at the right time

Questions don’t always arise from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.  A Broker / Lender relationship benefits Borrowers by providing direct and unlimited access to a qualified and experienced Underwriter throughout the application process and term of the loan, providing on-hand guidance 24/7.

  1. And if the worst does happen…

On occasion, the very best managed developments don’t go to plan.  In these situations, the Broker / Lender relationship really comes into its own by enabling sensible and pragmatic conversations to be had in conjunction with the Borrower to find acceptable and reasonable solutions which aren’t punitive.

If you would like to find out more about the Broker / Lender relationship contact Kimberley Gates, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Sirius –


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