Part Build
Residential scheme

Distressed 250 apartment development

Loan Amount

£25 million


Stretch senior



asset class


The developer for this 250 unit new build scheme had gone over term on their current development facility thus required a sales bridge to sell the first phase and development funds to finish phases 2 and 3. Covid-19 had caused delays to the build and overseas buyers, who had already exchanged on units, had unilateral notices on these apartments. This drastically limited the number of lenders in the market who would consider lending on the development which had left the client unsuccessfully seeking funds for 12 months. In just 8 weeks from initial enquiry, Sirius were able to source a fund to structure the deal in a way that facilitated the developer to sell the complete units and financed the completion of the remainder. This enabled the borrower to preserve the relationship with the existing lender and to reach practical completion in order to execute the pre-sold units


Nick Christofi NICHOLAS CHRISTOFI Managing Director contact details 0208 092 4401
07729 283 204
In 2015, Nicholas secured backing from industry giants Brightstar to co-found the boutique debt advisory, Sirius Property Finance.  Since then, he has originated more than £750m of debt and continues to achieve the unachievable for some of the most complex real estate finance deals in the development and commercial markets. He is respected by his team, lenders and borrowers alike though his drive to ensure the optimum outcome for all.

With Nick at the helm, Sirius is achieving an impressive rate of deal origination and growth, fast establishing itself as one of the most exciting young advisory firms in the industry. His passion, expertise and drive continue to attract some of the industry’s most experienced and reputable debt advisors who are keen to work alongside him to support Sirius’ exciting growth plans. He is also steadily becoming an established thought leader, frequently featured in industry publications, award panels and round tables, well known for given a frank view on raising industry standards.

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