Warehouse conversion and portfolio refinance

Loan Amount

£5.83 million


Residential investment mortgage

asset class

Residential portfolio

Sirius secured this aspiring landlord the funds to convert an old warehouse in to seven high-end residences to be retained for rental upon completion. Sirius was reappointed to refinance the development onto one investment product to include other existing properties in their portfolio. It became apparent that the developer had made alterations to the assets outside of the original planning consent making securing a mortgage challenging. The varied nature of the portfolio, from HMO's to prime single dwellings, added an additional layer of complexity when finding suitable lenders to partner with. The entire portfolio was reviewed simultaneously and a bespoke finance package structured by Sirius was secured.


Rob Heywood Robert Heywood Senior Associate, Structured Finance contact details 0208 092 4410
07984 717 731
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