Purchase of agricultural land, with no planning.

Finance to purchase land

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Investment loan

asset class

Agricultural land

This client was seeking an investment loan to finance the purchase of agricultural land. This was a complicated case as there was no planning permission for the land meaning not many lenders would have the appetite to finance this and would typically offer a high-rate bridging loan. However, Sirius Property Finance was able to source a reasonable rate term loan by evidencing that the borrower’s operating companies were able to service the interest in the event that the borrowers could not secure a tenant for the land.

Further complexities by way of an overage secured via a charge on the land, resulted in lengthy negotiations to subordinate the charge. Sirius managed all parties efficiently, meaning that the desired outcome was delivered in a timely manner.


Craig Craig Hardiman-Scott Senior Associate, Structured Finance contact details 0208 092 4425
07739 901 184
Craig boasts unrivalled knowledge of structured finance, acquired over 30 years. His career started in 1989 working his way up through various customer service and sales roles at leading mortgage service providers, such as Legal and General. In 2003 Craig took the plunge and founded Residential 1 - Commercial 1 Limited, ultimately building the company into a successful specialist packager employing a team of 35 people. Craig and his two partners sold their operation to Money Partners, creating Money Partners Touch with over 80 staff.

Craig remained on board and transitioned the firm into a lender, consistently reaching 150% over target until the funding line was pulled due to the 2009 recession. Being forced to make redundancies is something that remains with Craig to this day. Always keen to find the lesson, this instilled in him the importance of achieving the best finance packages for clients, seeing first hand the devastating effects that can come from a downturn. Craig and partners went on to found Pure Funding Solutions, another specialist brokerage firm.

2020 brought a desire for change and fresh challenges for Craig, and he joined the Sirius Property finance team. His first-hand experience as founder of a successful lender and debt advisory firms brings invaluable experience to the Sirius client base.

Craig’s passion for turning transactions into long standing relationships shines through with a highly impressive deal transaction history spanning development funding, commercial loans, bridging finance and BTL portfolios. He takes genuine pleasure in seeing the dedication and team work from all interested parties drive a successful completion, particularly in the development arena where he is proactively involved with clients from design inception through to after sales and exit strategies.

His ethos of ‘never sacrifice your integrity’ has gained him a loyal client base and much respect among his industry peers. His breadth of experience allows him to see a bird's eye view of any case from the people, project team dynamics, numbers and brand. His external passion of National League football coaching shines through in his ability to seamlessly and strategically co-ordinate lenders, professional teams and clients on high level transactions.

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