Refinance of residential portfolio

Loan Amount

£12 million


Term loan

asset class

Residential portfolio

This portfolio had existing facilities due to expire, of which refinancing was proving difficult due to the owner being aged over 75 years without a succession plan in place. There were also pre-existing planning issues that proved problematic for some lenders. The client had managed to agree a refinance facility with a bank, only for the bank to pull out close to the completion date. This put the client in a difficult situation, but Sirius were able to leverage lender relationships to swiftly secure another lender and push through to completion in just 11 days.


Paul Debney Paul Debney Senior Associate, Commercial Finance contact details 0208 092 4412
07958 690 185
Paul came on board in 2018 to spearhead our dedicated commercial finance team, bringing with him a formidable 35 years of experience in the corporate banking industry. His extensive background includes 23 years at HSBC Bank involving the management of multiple branches, 5 years at Clydesdale Bank and 2 years working on special projects for Grant Thornton LLP. Since joining Sirius, Paul successfully pioneered the Sirius CBIL loans initiative during the difficult Covid-19 period, which was well-received by many grateful clients.

Paul specialises in assisting clients with Commercial Investment & Commercial owner occupier business, Short Term Finance, Development Finance, Unsecured Business Loans and Asset & Invoice Finance. Whilst being as accommodating and personable as they come, he is ruthless in his pursuit to secure a deal that fulfils his clients' requirements when he is acting on their behalf and as a result continues to receive unparalleled testimonials.

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