Grade II Listed

Development of mansion & grounds into 36 luxury units.

Loan Amount

£17.4 million



asset class


Sirius originally worked for this client in 2021, completing a £15million development loan. They returned with a further funding requirement for this development of 36 luxury units within a Grade 2 listed mansion in rural Essex.

Initially the deal was placed with a lender that was able to get to the level of funding required, at a very late stage this lender withdrew leaving the clients in a precarious position.

Sirius were able to draw on a long established relationship with another lender to help them to fully understand ensuring they were comfortable with picking up the case at the point where the previous lender had left off. This included accepting the valuation report and the legal work that had already been undertaken, a significant time and cost saving for the client.

Sirius successfully secured a loan of £17.4million  which covered off repayment of their existing debt and 100% of the budgeted construction costs, fees and with enough left in reserve for contingency funds.


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