Portfolio Incorporation

Block of 6 apartments

Loan Amount

£1.04 million


Residential BTL

asset class

Residential apartment block

The client, an experienced developer, had historically always developed in their personal name. Upon making the decision to retain their most recent development they required Sirius to assist with incorporating the block of 6 apartments into a ltd company and clearing the existing development finance debt. Sirius were able to swiftly secure a 5 year fixed BTL mortgage of £1,040,000.00.


Fodi Fodi Christodoulou Senior Associate, Residential & Investment Finance contact details 0208 092 4416
07958 045 740
Fodi has built up a steady flow of repeat clients and network referrals over his 16 years in the property industry, during which time he also achieved the coveted CeMap qualification. He exudes a calm capability which reassures clients that they are in the right hands when it comes to their property assets.

Fodi’s specialisms include Buy to Let mortgages, residential morgages, regulated and unregulated bridging. Fodi assists both aspiring and existing home owners, and landlords, in achieving their real estate aspirations in the most timely, profitable and efficient way possible.

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