Nicholas Christofi joins Executive Board of the Brightstar Financial Group

As a founder and Managing Director of Sirius Property Finance, Nicholas has spearheaded the growth of the specialist debt advisory service which was launched by The Brightstar Financial Group in 2016.

The Brightstar Financial Group, which includes the Brightstar Financial and Sirius Property Finance brands, was launched in 2011 and has won more than 100 national awards.

Nicholas will continue his role as Managing Director of Sirius Property Finance.

Rob Jupp, Group CEO, at The Brightstar Financial Group, says: “Nick has worked tirelessly to build the Sirius business and it’s only right that he joins Clare, Brad, Will and myself at the top table with our external investors and shareholders. This is an exciting time for The Brightstar Financial Group. In our tenth year, we are engaging in our largest ever investment in technology and using our strong foundations to build for the future.”

Nicholas Christofi, Managing Director at Sirius Property Finance, says: “We wouldn’t have been able to build the team, and experience the growth, that we have at Sirius, without the support of the wider Brightstar Financial Group. I’m delighted to take a role on the Executive Board and looking forward to helping to lead the Group into its exciting next chapter.”